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The last neighborhood of its kind

A location and land such as this can not be duplicated - and they aren't making any more of it! The Wyndemere neighborhood is located on one of the last large developable swaths of land in Natick, and we aim to do right by the historic nature of this parcel. Massive investments have been made by the development team into stately hardscape and the preservation of specimen trees to ensure Wyndemere looks and feels as special as the land it sits on. Think- a stone wall lined street, gently illuminated at night with recessed up lighting; in the distance are sycamore, willow, and magnolia trees dot the landscape. Wyndemere simply can not ever be duplicated. 

Stone Wall

The neighborhood 

Located off a scenic stretch of Route 16 in charming South Natick, Wyndemere pays homage to the New England architectural vernacular. Designed to reflect the designs of this historic town, with modern sensibility, scale and functionality.


The Land

Our new neighborhood is set on the grounds of the former Windy- Lo nursery. This much loved local establishment closed nearly 10 years ago, but the legacy lives on. The site is adorned with beautiful old-growth and specimen trees, many of which were worked into the landscape of our new community. With conservation land abutting both sides of the site, each lot feels unique, and honors the horticultural history of the land.   

Tree in Snow

The Town 

We are proud to be building in our hometown. Natick's charming town center and unmatched local amenities offer future Wyndemere residents endless opportunities to immerse themselves in the community. 

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